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Firm Profile

Established in 2002, Boschulte Architecture, LLC (formerly Boschulte Design Studio) is an architecture, interiors, and planning firm which has provided professional architectural services for a variety of project types including residential, commercial, educational, and civic buildings. We provide full architectural services including pre-design and programming, design development, construction documents, permitting, bidding and negotiation, contract administration, and construction phase observation. 


We are a progressive firm with regards to the latest software and technology, which is a valuable an essential part of our company. We employ the latest BIM, CAD, modeling, rendering software, and electronic resources available. This allows us to achieve excellent workflow efficiency while realizing our creative objectives.


We understand the importance of incorporating the intentions of the owner in the design and we use these ideas to create better buildings. Our designs are site-specific, and site planning plays a major role in each building's design. Our goal on each project is to create a building which responds to the character, tradition of construction techniques, and rich history of each site's locale.


At Boschulte Architecture, we provide quality service to our clients while producing superior functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. Please consider us for your next design project.


Tel: 340-777-2375

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